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Information About Bad Sling.

Bad Sling (Born as Amancio Rosas) Born on August 3rd 1996, In Berkeley CA, Raised In Oakland CA. for 7 Years and later on moved to Manteca CA. Amancio started rapping Oct 31, 2009 Right after his first ever girlfriend broke up with him but while talking to his X's he was also talking to someone else. This special person that was talking to Amancio told him to write to poem instead to express his feelings for his X's so he decided to do that and then while writing he basically didn't know what he was doing so he asked one of his friends "Jose Tafoya" to help him out of what his doing. Then Jose told him that his lyrics were good and told Amancio that he should rap, so then Amancio at first didn't know what rap was so then after searching for "Linkin Park" he also came up with a band called "Fort Minor" which is the Hip Hop project of "Mike" The Rapper from "Linkin Park". Then Amancio feel in love with all the Fort Minor's songs and had an idea on his head of what rapping should be it would be about anything that happens in everyday life which inspirited people to make them feel like they're not the only ones. Some Links and Updates:



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